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Run Faster by Training Smarter
-Coaching all ages and abilities for any distance-

Let our passion help to inspire and motivate you to reach for your goals today

 Whether you are just contemplating to begin a running exercise program, thinking about becoming a triathlete, or you are an experienced competitive runner desiring to set a new time goal, we can work together to help you achieve your goals.  Our primary philosophy is that consistency is the key to long term success.  Consistency is best maintained by training with appropriate distances and paces to provide the optimum stimulus for improvement yet keep the risk of injury to a minimum.  I am passionate about running and triathlon and feel that a training program should be challenging but fun.  With the right kind of training program, a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction can be achieved through running and triathlon.   

Running Athletic Women

Run Only Training Plans 

Swim Only Training Plan


Run Coaching

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Triathlon Coaching


Run/Swim Form Analysis

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