What makes RunSwift training plans stand out from other online coaches. Why does your coaching work?
 By analyzing and studying what training & workouts are most effective with all different types of runners, we can mold a successful training plan for you. Knowing how recovery affects each runner, staying injury free, and building consistent training are all foundations of our coaching.  You will become more motivated and positive with your training as we help you build a fitness foundation of which many runners never get the chance to do due to injury, burnout, or just plain boredom.

How does the coaching program work?
Every week you will receive an individual training plan via email based on your past, current and future goals.

The email training plan will include:
1. daily mileage
2. daily pace
3. Quality workouts
4 definitions of key running/training terms to help your training
5. Race Goals


I don't have enough time to run every day. Can you design a training plan that works with my hectic schedule?
All the training plans that we create are completely customized for each individual athlete. During your free initial consultation we will discuss your lifestyle and what type of training you have time for. We will create a training plan for you that works with your schedule.  We will not ask you to do more than your schedule allows.

I have never run a step in my life. Can you help me get started?
Even if you have never run before we can help you get started with a running plan. We'll tell you how much, how often to run & at what effort. We will also share tips with you on form, stretching, etc. Plus,  you can email us at anytime with questions. We are here to help you!

Can my current Run Swift training plan be modified if I miss a run or workout?
Your initial training plan will be designed based on what your schedule allows. However, If you miss a workout or long run we will work with you to modify your training plan.