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Swim Training Plans

Maybe you are an experienced swimmer and would like to train for a particular race.  We will develop a specific plan that will give you appropriate workouts for the particular race distance.

Maybe you are a beginner triathlete who struggles in the swim.  We will develop a specific plan to help you safely build that swimming foundation and improve in your swim fitness so that you can conquer a triathlon from every angle. 

Simply fill out the questionnaire at the "Information Form" link.  A RunSwift coach will contact you within one or two days with your consult to help with any additional questions and then begin work on development of your plan.  You can expect to receive your plan via email within one week, depending on the number of weeks that are purchased.  

  • The plan will detail daily and weekly swim workouts, drills if needed, training paces, and workout descriptions. 

  • All Custom training plans will include an initial free consult by phone or email, your preference.  

  • RunSwift coaches will be available to assist with adjustments to your plan that are needed as a result of unexpected circumstances.

Cost:  $10/week

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