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We hope that this collection of links to useful information located all over the web will be a useful resource for all who are interested in our website.

Use the Pace Calculator to find out what pace is needed to complete a race distance in a desired time, or what race time you will have if you run at a desired pace.

Use the VDOT Running Calculator to use a recent race result to determine equivalent race performances for other distances, and to determine corresponding training paces.

Use the Treadmill Conversion chart to determine the equivalent pace associated with a particular treadmill speed and percent incline.

Use the VDOT Table to provide a quick lookup of your VDOT value based on a recent race time (5K, 10K, Half) and corresponding training paces.

Use the Marathon Time Conversion calculator to estimate an equivalent race time on one marathon course based on the finish time of a different course.

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