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Jogging in Park

Run and Swim Form Analysis

Image by Marcus Ng

Think about it....If a tennis player holds the racket incorrectly, they wouldn’t hit the ball very well. If a golfer holds the club with the wrong grip or places their body in the wrong position, they wouldn’t drive the ball very far.  Both of these sports require a system of checks and balances from head to toe, to deliver the correct outcome.

Same is true for a runner.  Although runners and don’t have equipment to contend with, think of the body itself as the equipment.  If you learn how to hold your body in the proper form; if you strengthen the sport-specific muscles that are required for running; and if you learn how to breathe properly― you will surely run farther and faster, with less effort and with less chance of injury.

Of the three events in triathlon, the swim event requires the most technical ability for best performance.  That is, the ability to swim fast and far is highly dependent on swim technique.  Movement of the body through water produces drag, and the amount of drag is significantly affected by body position and movement of the arms and legs in producing propulsion.  Learning proper swim form will provide significant improvements in swim performance. 

Running Form Analysis Includes:

  • Consultation before the test to discuss your running and fitness history and your goals

  • Full-body running form analysis at an outdoor track or park or on a treadmill

  • Video analysis of running form

  • Comprehensive results and recommendations report

  • Cost is $30.00

 Swim Form Analysis Includes:

  • Consultation before the test to discuss your swim experience and your goals

  • Full-body swimming form analysis in a pool

  • Video analysis of swimming form

  • Comprehensive results and recommendations report

  • Total time for the session is about 60 minutes

  • Cost is $40.00

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